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Subaru 2" Submersible Pump, maxumim 4600 gallons/hour based on discharge length and head.  Can be used with 2" discharge hose or garden hose. 2" hose available in 50' lengths.

Rent from $29.00


Subaru 3" Trash Pump, 314 gallons/minute

Rent from $57.00


Subaru 2" Centrifugal Pump, 163 gallons/minute

Rent from $52.00


Subaru 1" Centrifugal Pump, 28 gallons/minute

Rent from $42.00


2700 PSI @ 2.4 GPM Direct Drive Aluminum Frame Pressure Washer. Includes 50' high pressure hose and trigger lance, multiple spray pattern tips. Optional giraffe extension to reach second story with high pressure from the safety of the ground. Suitable for most deck, siding and other cleaning applictions with or without cleaning agents

Rent from $68.00