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Ethanol Solutions

Ethanol Solutions

If you own a generator or any other power equipment that has been stored away and hasn't been run in a while, odds are not in your favor that it will start and run well. Ethanol blended fuel is causing a significant challenge to power equipment operation that can not be ignored. Storing the equipment must be done in a manner that will allow for dependable, easy starting and smooth operation when you need it. The best solution is to use non-ethanol fuel, which can be purchased in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon containers. We stock, and highly recommend SEF Small Engine Fuel by VP Racing Fuels. It is not cheap, but is good insurance against a no start situation that will leave you in the dark! The repair for ethanol issues can also be costly, never mind the inconvenience of not being able to depend on the generator investment.

Stop in to see us about preventative measures you can take to insure good performance. If you test your machine and find that you have a no start, or poor running situation, contact us so that proactive repairs can be made so you will be prepared for the next power outage. We service all brands, no matter where it was purchased. You can also contact us for further information or to schedule service!

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